Friday 11 September 2015

“Changing Lives”; PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) Indonesia | Holly Macleod

Taking the PADI IDC Indonesia program with Holly Macleod at Trawangan Dive is not just about passing the Instructor Exam, it is about becoming the best possible instructor you can and passing on your knowledge and skills to future divers.

PADI IDC Gili Islands, Indonesia - "Changing lives for the better"

We at the PADI IDC Gili Island’s based program are passionate about diving and the dive industry as a whole. We want to develop great Instructors who want to work, stay and grow within the dive industry and it is this philosophy that drives our Instructor development programs and post IDC support; and how we aim to change the lives of our candidates!

Our Platinum PADI Course Director has specifically designed the program to train people to not only pass their PADI Instructor Examination, but to create a rewarding and successful career within the industry, whilst passing on valuable information and changing people’s lives, this time their own future students!

The PADI IDC program at Trawangan Dive runs every month at Trawangan Dive; the first ever established PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center (CDC) in the Gili Islands and in fact the entire Lombok region. The dive center is currently the only PADI CDC Center situated in Gili Trawangan and therefore offers our candidates the best possible facilities available within the industry.
Before becoming a PADI Course Director Holly spent the last 12 years working as a PADI Instructor; she has worked with in various dive related roles in a variety of locations and therefore has a wealth of industry knowledge when it comes to working within the dive industry as a whole and in a range of geographical locations.

As well as earning the “Platinum” PADI Status as a Course Director, Holly has also been award the “Elite 300” award and the PADI “Commitment to Instructor Development Award” in recognition of the fact that she is able to provide a second to non-education to those seeking a career within the recreational diving industry, whilst also providing the best possible industry advice to new instructors.
Our IDC course runs every month and is conducted on an 11 day schedule with an additional 4 days of pre-IDC preparation at no additional cost. Although the pre study workshops is not compulsory it is strongly recommended and allows candidates to make a smooth transition into the program. As well as the mandatory course syllabus student will also gain valuable techniques in student control, dive site setup and much more.

The course is conducted entirely by in house Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod who is always available to advise her candidates of potential job offers, personal career development and further educational opportunities.

If you are looking for a life changing experience than this is it! The great thing is that once this life changing educational experience is over you, yourself will go on to transform the lives of others. To see the latest information on the program and view the progress of both current previous candidates check out the PADIIDC Indonesia News Facebook Page. Another useful tool is the GoPro PADI IDC Indonesia video which can also be found on YouTube showing some previous candidates as well as the facilities within the dive center.

For additional information such as course start dates, pricing, schedules or even to discuss your personal experience don’t hesitate to contact Holly at


  1. I'm mainly wondered what you did to get in shape, what your fitness level was before you started to get into shape, etc. in order to pass the Watermanship module for the PADI Divemaster program. To give you an idea about me, I normally am not physically active due to how much time college takes, however, I've recently started to work out again in the last week or so. I'm currently a PADI Open Water diver and it sucked hard passing the swim test for that class; our instructor gave us a break and only made us swim 100 meters, and I was sucking air by the time we were done with that (although to be fair, I was already out of breath from carrying the 2 tanks & other gear a ridiculous distance from the parking lot as the pool we trained in was at the college and an eighth of a mile away from the damn parking lot).
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